Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments for Adults

peopleLove Dyslexia offers you the unique opportunity of having an assessment where you feel the most comfortable, whether this is at home, at work or at our office near Cambridge. We understand that having a diagnostic assessment is a big and sometimes emotional decision, so we aim to make the experience as relaxed and fun as possible. We will provide all the equipment needed, and all that is required is a quiet place with a table for the short writing tasks.

With over two decades of working with adults with Dyslexia we are able to quickly refine our teaching styles to meet your needs.

What Happens During the Assessment

The assessment length can vary although a general guide would 2-3 hours. Breaks are built into the session at regular intervals.
The assessment begins with an informal chat about your background including health, education, employment history and what tasks you enjoy or find difficult. We then use a range of assessments to uncover your learning profile which looks at how you best learn and areas you may need support with and why.

This includes assessing your understanding of language; non-verbal reasoning skills; general intelligence strengths and weaknesses; working memory – both auditory and visual; phonic recognition and skills; reading accuracy, comprehension, fluency, spelling and written skills.

The final part of the assessment is the diagnostic testing for dyslexia. While the data from these assessments is valuable we are also interested in observing how you manage tasks in terms of concentration, attention to task and self-esteem. All these areas are reflected upon within drawing conclusions about your learning style.

All findings will be discussed with you on the day and we find it valuable, where possible, to also discuss this with your employer so recommendations can be made when necessary.

All findings will then be provided within a formal report which will be sent within 10 days.

An assessment for numeracy can also be requested.

To book or to find out more about our assessments, call us on 01353 865390.

We provide Adult Dyslexia Assessments including full Adult Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessmentsin Cambridge and Norfolk. We also provide Dyslexia Coping strategies which can be funded through the Access to Work scheme.